Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Health Care Basics

Doctors and nurses in a number of places: hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, health and home care. Nursing home care is a growing phenomenon, more patients and their families want to take care of their homes. Date family health care from public health nurses, public health home visits to promote health education and treatment, community outreach plan. Today's academic programs, training nurses in home care and home health care agencies and nurses depend on nursing sick individuals and their families experience and qualifications. There are many changes in the field of family health. Born close to retirement age, will bring new challenges, family healthcare. Home health nurse job description

Practice nurses must possess the necessary skills, the unique position of providing care, such as someone's home. Nurses and patients and families, and must understand the dynamics of communication skills is in this category. Family health nurse specialist in the care of children with disabilities also need more skills, such as patience and understanding of the needs of families. Many families are familiar with the management needs of children, but still need health care experts, and only able to provide home-care nurse. Importantly, the family health nurse aware of the situation encountered by families of children proper care of children. If the nursing home health care knowledge and training in the field of medicine, patients with different types of drugs used in clinical settings.
Many advanced practice nurses are familiar with the drug group. And home health care agencies believe that nurses should have at least one year of clinical trials to enter the family health services. Practice nurses can speed up the training to help new nurses to understand health care and education of the local market.
The average salary of nurses in the hospital 35 53.450 U.S. dollars in hospital care. For home health care, and pay 49 000 U.S. dollars. Health facilities and care, they are at the bottom of 48.200 U.S. dollars.
Most of the nurses, family health education opportunities certified nursing schools and nursing degree in the country (6), and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (IPS), or master's degree in nursing (for MSN). In the United States under the Ministry of Labour, 2004, 674 nursing programs in IPS, 846 and programs. Also in 2004, there were 417 master's degree programs, 93 doctoral, 46 doctoral degree joint program of the IPS. Nurses can also earn specialized professional certificates online in health care for the elderly or life planning.
BA has also become an important clinical nurse specialist, nurse, anesthesia, nurses, midwives, nurses and staff (with the U.S. Department of Labor, 2004).
All nurses home health care and supervision of clinical experience during their training, but as mentioned earlier, advanced practice nurse who has master's degree, bachelor's degree, associate degree instead, they have at least two years of clinical trials. Such as nurses training in hospitals and nursing facilities or home care, continuing education is necessary. Health care is changing rapidly, and keep informed of recent developments to improve patient and health care procedures.
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