Sunday, November 25, 2007

Istilah Dalam Milis - Forum - Chatting

Mungkin rekan-rekan yang sering masuk forum/milis sering mendengar istilah-istilah berikut, dan barangkali ada yang belum tahu sepenuhnya :

OOT = Out Of Topic
aka = also known as
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
CMIIW = Correct Me If I'm Wrong
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion = Menurut Pendapat (sederhanaku)
ASAP : As Soon As Possible = secepatnya saya bisa
BTW : By The Way
FWIW : For What It's Worth
FYI : For Your Information
OIC : Oh, I see
A/S/L = Age/Sex/Location
RSN : Real Soon Now = secepatnya
TIA : Thanks In Advance = terimakasih sekali
AAM : As a matter of fact
AKA : Also known as
ATB : All the best
B4 : Before
BMW : Be my wife
BRB : Be right back
Cm : Call me
Cu : See you
FYG : For Your Good
H8 : Hate
HAGN: Have a good night
IDK : I dont know
IIRC: If I recall correctly
IMI : I mean it
ILU : I love You
IOW : In other words…
IOU : I owe you
JAI : Just An Idea
KIT : Keep in touch
L8r : Later
LoL : Laughing out loud
LTNC: Long time no see
MYOB: Mind your own Business
NA : No access
NC : No comment
NWO : No way out
O4U : Only for you
OIC : Oh, I see
OTOH: On the other hand
PCM : Please call me
PPL : People
SOL : Sonner Or Later
URT1: You are the one

BRB = be right back = segera kembali
BBL = be back later = nanti akan kembali
NP = no problem = tidak apa-apa
BBIAF = be back in a flash = kembali sebentar lagi
TTFN = ta ta for now = dadaagghh!!
J/K = just kidding = hanya bercanda
WB = welcome back = selamat datang

Maaf tidak berurutan, karena saya kumpulin dari berbagai sumber :)

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