Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Diskriminasi Ataukah Kita Emang Suka Curang?!

Ketika gw daftar di clickbank.

<XXXX@gmail.com> 01/27/07 7:20 am >>>
i have just join in clickbank but when i wan't to select my
country(indonesia) is not available.
can you help me to change my account address into my country indonesia.
this is my address jl.surapati no.XXXXX
bandung, jawa barat 40123 Indonesia

Dapet jawaban yang menyakitkan hiksss.....


Thank you for your interest in ClickBank! Unfortunately, our security team has determined that we can no longer accept clients from certain countries, including Indonesia, due to the high rate of fraud we have experienced from those areas. Your account has been closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best wishes!

Thank You,

ClickBank Customer Service

Ada beberapa program di internet yang tidak bisa diikuti oleh kita orang indonesia, karena kita dianggap sering bermain curang?.Benarkah itu?!!
Mari kita buktikan kita bukan cheater ataupun Maling.
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