Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yamaha was not yet ready Lost Rossi

Ferrari had the discourse placed three cars in grid F1 the next season. The third car was prepared for Valentino Rossi. Fiat Yamaha did not care.
Concerning the Yamaha possibility of letting The Doctor to Ferrari go with tantalised-tantalised the transfer cost masif, Jarvis said: "was thought By me that will not become the choice." I hoped we did not receive the question.
"We will listen to his plan in 2011, anything that." We in fact did not yet discuss about 2011 with Valentino. Was thought by me the ball now was in foot him, continued Jarvis.
"Sooner or later Valentino would the pension." I did not know whether that will happen during his age 31, 32 or 33. But to one during certain he will take the decision concerning his future. When at that time arrived, I was sure he will say to us in the first opportunity

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